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About Us

Le Gift is a division of Embroidery Limited LLC. We are based in Lakewood New Jersey. Using masterful, original art and today’s advanced embroidery capabilities, we are bringing to the market beautiful embroidered Gifts and Artwork, not available elsewhere. The combination of stunning designs, beautiful threads and material, results in a whole new level of of Embroidered Artwork.

The images on this site are computer generated pictures of the embroidery, the background material color is likewise simulated. It is not possible to generate the look of the special metallic threads used to embroider the artwork, which add significantly to its beauty. Hence, is impossible to capture the beauty of the artwork in this fashion, thus this gallery is a showcase of designs only.

While the colors of the images closely reflect the actual colors, actual color might vary slightly.  Don’t worry though, in real life the beauty of thread and the material is much greater.  We hope to add soon actual pictures of the artwork, which will give a better idea of the actual finished product. Of course, the best way is to see it  in real life, please contact us for a list of retailers that carry our products.